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Budapest (Hungary) is where I was born. Szentendre is where I grew up and went to the formative high school. Then I had to escape during the Revolution in 1956.

New York is where I did my university studies in literature, and was honored to be "Miss Hungary" at the Fifth International Debutantes Ball. Later, I worked as a research scientist for several years.
image The fantastic vista of Brazil's Rio de Janeiro opened my horizon. Nigeria, West Africa, is where I followed my husband on a Fulbright assignment and where I spent three fantastic years.
Back in the USA, we moved from New York to Peacham, Vermont, where I mastered ceramics and hand painted pottery. This became the favorite birthday and anniversary present to many.

Sarasota is the latest station in the line of roads through the forest of art which surrounded me on the way.
It was Szentendre "The Artist colony" where the paving of my love of art started, although the urge of creativity was still In vitro, but I always felt at home in its atmosphere.

Living in West Africa among very talented Yoruba artists I studied and inhaled the gift and variety of colors and artistic compositions. I subconsciously stored it all in my mind.

This is where it germinated and gave me the inspiration to try to do it myself. Not knowing why, I collected beautiful beads. trading beads brought by traders. I befriended them and I was able to make selections before they took them to the big markets in Lagos and in Ibadan. I selected and ended up with the best of the best, still not knowing what I would (If ever) do with them. Experimenting with my necklace designs I received favorable notices in the papers which led to the NBC evening news.

I guess this is how everything started in designing and creating unique jewelry.


Often I have the feeling of creating poetry (my literature major) whenever I am fashioning a new piece which is one of a kind.

Living now in Florida in the middle of a large nature preserve...I am inspired by the surrounding beauty helping me in my creations.

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